Doing better for the planet

NUCO Green

Our objectives

NUCO Green’s objective is ‘to reduce the negative environmental impacts of NUCO Travel through a comprehensive plan to reduce CO2 emissions and non recyclable waste and to increase recycling and offset CO2 where reduction isn’t possible. This is to be carried out throughout the business and encourage the involvement of NUCO passengers and suppliers. With the overall aim of being a market leader in green credentials.’

Carbon Offsetting

Few industries are more affected by climate change than ours, so we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment. We do this by making NUCO Green an inclusion with every booking as standard, this means offsetting the CO2 of your trip as well as adopting a green ethos to reduce the footprint of our holidays.


We have taken a lead in the industry to include carbon offsetting as standard for all passengers who travel with us!

Your offset includes: 

  • Travel – whether it’s coach or flight we offset it. 
  • Accommodation
  • Even down to the running of the lifts! 


What have we done at NUCO HQ?

Supporting renewable energy projects in the developing world, last year we offset 3,750 tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of taking 735 cars off the road for a whole year and we hope to do even more this year!

  • Reduced the number of general waste bins, and replaced them with extra recycling bins
  • Introduced composting bins throughout the office
  • Reduced our consumption of single use plastics by getting our milk delivered in glass bottles
  • Swapped all of our cleaning products in favour of environmentally friendly brands such as Ecover and Method
  • Switched to a renewable energy supplier
  • Our staff T-shirts are climate neutral; they have been made in factories solely supplied by renewable energy using organic cotton


What can you do?

We are all in this together so we can’t afford to forget our green habits when we head to resort! 

  • Sack off fast fashion – can you get your fancy dress from a charity shop this year?
  • Ditch single us plastics – remember your Chilly’s water bottles, Keep Cups and reusable shopping bags
  • Stock up on green glitter – if you’re wanting to sparkle at après, opt for a guilt free alternative like eco-glitter fun instead.
  • Get organised and plan ahead – why not take a cleaning pack with you? Grab a bottle of Ecover washing up liquid and decant some into a travel bottle; do the same with some Method cleaning fluid. While you’re at it, take a handful of eco dishwasher tablets, a sponge and a teatowel; you’ll probably save your damage deposit as well as the planet.
  • Avoid waste – try and plan your meals as a group to avoid wasting food, and money! Add some cupboard staples like olive oil, salt and pepper to your packing list to avoid binning things unnecessarily at the end of the week.
  • Sort your rubbish – resorts are now so well equipped with recycling points that there really is no excuse for you to not recycle properly. Grab a paper bag when you head to the local supermarket, and use it to help with sorting your rubbish throughout the week.
  • Save energy – remember to turn off the lights when you head out. If it’s too hot in your apartment, turn down the heating, don’t just fling open a window!