Meal times are social occasions, a great opportunity to catch up with friends after a hard day on the mountain. For this reason many groups find it suits them to sit down together in a restaurant and have a meal laid on, saving the hassle of shopping for food each day and cooking in your individual apartments.

We have agreements with restaurants across all of our resorts that enable us to offer groups great quality restaurant fodder at reasonable prices. We can be flexible with your requirements:

  • Number of courses: This can be simply 1, 2 or 3 courses with or without a drink, right up to gourmet 5-star… although the latter is generally outside of the student budget!
  • Number of nights: You can choose to eat every night of the holiday, or maybe just a few nights, whichever suits you best. Three nights works well as it gives people the opportunity to eat in their apartments too.
  • Apartment packs: These can contain anything you like, all delivered from the supermarket direct to your door at a discounted price. Normally they include all the ingredients for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch, saving you the hassle of having to visit the resort supermarket every day.
  • Bread/croissant delivery: In most of our resorts we can arrange for fresh bread to be brought to you in the morning, as well as a croissant or pain au chocolate. Priceless for preventing the argument of who does the bread run and for getting you out on the slopes quicker.


All of our food options are offered at cost price, as we know the Alps can be expensive and we want to give you as much value for money as possible. If you are interested, please enquire and we can let you know which restaurants we use in each resort and help you plan some exciting menu options.